Wicked Willy's

Caribbean Oasis

Wicked Willy’s offers an escape into a Caribbean oasis of pirates, palm trees, and endless fun. Proudly featuring live bands and DJ sets, karaoke and other themed nights, and an unmatchable food and drink specials all week long.


Event Marketing
Community Management
Social Media Marketing
Local Marketing
Web Design

Producing Nightlife Events

Working closely with the General Manager, I oversaw Wicked Willy’s events from idea generation to event production to post-event promotion. This opportunity enabled me to produce and heavily-packed events such as the Tipsy Trivia series, comedy shows, themed brunch, holiday and dinner parties, and watching parties. As a result, average event attendance tripled and has positively effected an increase in sales on ticketing, food, and beverage.


Before creating content for the brand, I honed in on developing a brand voice, tone, and imagery that will be applied to any social media posting or email communication done by Wicked Willy’s. Below are some sample social media posts where I applied to both imagery and copy a fun-loving and laid-back interpretation of the brand.

A Spectrum of Look

Because of the fun-loving nature of the Wicked Willy’s brand, I was given the freedom to design posters, flyers, and online graphics in a spectrum of color, style, and visual appeal. Even though the brand aims to maintain a nautical visual approach, I still had the ability to make each design unique on its own and caters to whatever the event or promotion is, as long as there is a consistency throughout the assets in the form of how they make people feel – welcome and fun.