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As a fruit of my love for the New York City local comedy scene, I created a website where stand-up, improv, and storytelling enthusiasts can discover upcoming shows and get together to support the NYC intelligent nightlife scene.

If you’re a New Yorker that likes to be updated with the latest shows and happenings in the NYC intelligent nightlife scene they can love and brag about to their friends, discover New York Weekly today.

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I Live Here Now

New York Weekly also brought to life a monthly stand-up comedy show that features relatable stories and jokes about living in the Big Apple. The profile of the show is as follows.

If there’s one thing that unites all New Yorkers it’s a hatred of all things New York. Let’s face it, those who don’t live here are not likely to commiserate with us. The rent is too damn high to deal with train shutdowns, lost tourists, and shitty roommates. Not to mention—actual shit. You’ll never know what you’ll see on the sidewalks, and there are some things that just cannot be unseen. Yet, the longer we live here, the easier it gets and we learn to roll with all the punches this city throws our way.

So, in the spirit of learning to live with some sense of dignity, I Live Here Now brings together your favorite city-dwelling comedians you’ve seen on Conan, The Late Show, and Comedy Central to explore why misery loves company—as they come together to share their experiences living in New York City. Because, whether you believe it or not, we’ve all come to adjust to this love-hate relationship we have with this nasty city. And, deep inside we know we cannot see a future anywhere else. Especially LA.