New York School of Design

Foundation for Future Designers

New York School of Design is a private fashion focused and industry-led design school. Whether your goal is to learn new skills, launch an independent fashion design business or to work within the fashion industry, New York School of Design is the perfect place to build the foundation. Our short term fashion design programs will allow you to design the fashion career of your dreams.


Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Graphic Design

Establishing a Brand Identity

New York School of Design gave me an opportunity to establish a creative identity of the school. I lead a branding initiative that created a unique identity for the school against rivalry institutions.

My goal was to place emphasis on the individuality of the various programs offered while staying coherent to the brand. This resulted in an exploration to how we can apply a minimalistic approach while appearing informative, stylish, and innovative through the school’s marketing materials.

Lead Generation for the New Curriculum

A new curriculum had been approved for the school just in time as I joined the team. So I devised a lead generation strategy to advertise the new programs. The strategy heavily involved email marketing and social media advertising. Initially, the new programs gained awareness and interest from the public.

Through a constantly evolving lead generation strategy, we were able to increase program inquiries and application month-over-month. This inspired an automated initial inquiry process and nurtured a better utilized CRM.