New York School of Design


New York School of Design is a private fashion focused and industry-led design school. Since its founding in 2005, the school has already been under multiple ownership.

Given the opportunity to do a find the creative direction of the school, I initiated a rebranding project that will also help distinguish them be distinguishable from rivalry institutions.

It was a goal to place a greater emphasis on highlighting the individual personalities of the various program offerings as it speaks to different creatives that were aiming to join the programs. As a result, it opened the doors towards a brand exploration to further understand how the adaptation of flat design and a minimalistic theme would play in the association to the brand.


Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Graphic Design

As the New York School of Design’s new curriculum has been approved, they discovered a need for an email marketing campaign to advertise the new program offerings.

Provided that these programs are hatchlings, there were no identity or product perception associated with them. Through an Email Marketing campaign, we worked on introducing Menswear Tailoring, Couture Design, and Portfolio Prep to prospective and current students using educational and value-ridden content.

Through sets of email marketing campaigns tailored and delivered to multiple audiences, the school has seen a significant increase of quality inquiry and interest on the new programs.