International Academic Alliance

Building Study Pathways

International Academic Alliance or the IAA aims to create a global community of students empowered to fulfill their educational goals at any stage of their career. Their mission is to assist students and academic institutions in meeting their educational goals effectively and affordably.


Web Design

College Admissions Program

IAA created a new program focused on preparing students for college admissions. They called it the College Admissions Program or CAP. They approached me and asked if I can lead the development of their online presence. We agreed on a project to create a website to convey what the program is all about.

I learned that they have developed their previous websites using Squarespace. After learning what they wanted from the website, I gave them an option to either stay with Squarespace or use a new CMS, preferably something more sophisticated such as WordPress. They opted to using WordPress after carefully reviewing the pros and cons of both platforms.

As a result, we developed a website that showcases what they offer to students in the US and China. I designed the website to accommodate levels of information for college applicants, consultants, and partnering companies.