Fountain House


Fountain House addresses the devastating impact of serious mental illness. With the goal of transforming more lives for the better, they created the program College Re-Entry target to 18-30 year-old students who are experiencing mental health challenges.

The College Re-Entry team was already utilizing their Non-Profit Grant from Google to increase their participant base but has evidently struggled to make their strategy and campaigns work. We worked in overhauling the existing campaigns and experiment with fresh ones with the addition of the most important thing in search marketing—specific, tailored landing pages.


Email Marketing
Graphic Design
Paid Search Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Website Management

Using diagnosis- and intent-based landing pages, we saw inquiries and application finally picking up and now steadily increasing using free Google money. With this success, we experimented with paid campaigns to defy the constraints that the Grant comes with and reach more students needing to get back in college and fulfill their career aspirations.