Delta.NYC x
Fortune Society

Empowering NPO With Technology

Until now, helping out a local public interest organization on a digital project has been an uphill battle: technologists, designers, data gurus, digital marketers, hackers, and product folks have had to carry the weight of scoping, translation, product management, and navigating an organization’s technical debt just to begin volunteering. Delta.NYC solves this challenge.

Through Delta.NYC, I had an opportunity to meaningfully impact the work of nonprofit partner assigned to our team – Fortune Society. Ultimately, I was able to contribute to the development of the pro bono tech space by collaborating with my peer professionals in the program, including and beyond my project team, to strategize, process, socialize and expand my knowledge of relevant issues around tech and its impact on society.


Social Media Strategy
Social Media Analytics
Multi-channel Fundraising

Digital Fundraising Strategy and Social Media Playbook

With carefully laid out impact goals, our project team developed an actionable digital fundraising strategy to support Fortune Society on the 2017 Giving Tuesday and Fall Season. I devised a list of best practices and tactics that their Marketing team could utilize for Facebook and Twitter Organic and Paid Marketing Campaigns after understanding both their current audience and the audience they want to reach, which are mostly individual, recurring donors. We believe that we were able to increase their fundraising abilities and digital efficiency by walking them through certain strategies and tactics that various online platforms currently provide. All with the goal of working towards bridging nonprofit teams to the technical tools available at their perusal.

Delta.NYC 2017 Program Cohort


Our Fortune Society Project Team