Baby Brasa

Making Healthy Irresistible

Baby Brasa is Franco Noriega’s first New York restaurant, modeled after the traditional pollerías that are a hallmark of Peruvian street cuisine. Responsibly sourced through D’Artagnan, our free-range organic chicken packs a flavor that can only come from the freshest ingredients and Peruvian spices. Top off your meal with our premium selection of beer and wine.


Graphic Design
Social Media


Coming into Baby Brasa, I understood that the brand has a unique identity of being fresh, sexy, and organic. Right away I realized that this can be taken advantage of to create a competitive advantage and clear product differentiation amongst neighboring restaurants. Using the playfulness of the brand, I wrote copies and used imagery for social media posts that emanated sexy, healthy, and delicious. Piggybacking on two things: the old-age mantra that sex sells and the booming trend of eating consciously.

A Fresh Look

Changes came rapidly to the restaurant from the time that I started working. They started a catering service and they added new items for lunch, brunch, and drinks. This created an opportunity to freshen up and redesign their current menu displays. As a result, I designed a new set of menus that are easy-to-understand, brand consistent, and visually appealing.

Baby Brasa Special Lunch Menu
Baby Brasa Brunch Menu
Baby Brasa Catering Menu
Baby Brasa Bar Menu

Forever Summer

Baby Brasa produces events on a regular basis. They are held later in the week to entice customers who prefers to go out on Thursdays through Sundays.

I conceptualized and designed eye-catching promotional materials for these event nights from sandwich boards to fliers to social media posts.